Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's easy to preach

Do you know what really gets to me? 
 The so called Eating Disorder Recovery Community
Not the whole thing, but the people that judge others hypocritically.

Hear me out.

This so called unspoken thing is full of people adding each other on Instagram and Facebook to see how each other are doing, catch up after admissions, chatting to people that went through the same thing ect

That's fine, I've done the same, I still talk to people I met and meet new people, nothing wrong with that. But it seems to be full of people now posting potentially triggering information and it's turning a bit toxic. At the moment there is a negative spotlight on those that recover from an ED and then go on to lead a lifestyle that promotes going to the gym, eating healthily and enjoying the overwhelmingly criticized quest bars. We all have our views on it, I personally think it's different for everyone, for one person that could be another obsession and the other just a lifestyle they enjoy, who are we to judge?

But the thing that gets to me the most though are the people that judge this healthy living lifestyle when their own recovery is full of increasing runs, instagram pictures showing bones and post run salads, and blogs that slyly mention that they are still a fair way off of an optimal healthy weight and are still very rigid on a meal plan. It just seems bizarre to me how people can be so quick to judge others when the path that they are on feels ever so similar and controlling.

It reminds me of something I was told very early on, 'it's easy to preach at a low bmi', it is, and its frustrating that some of the people that go on to try and help others should probably start practicing what they preach.
I guess what I am trying to say is that if your recovery, after weight restoration, took you down the path of gyms, weight lifting and a genuine like for quest bars then amazing! Why shouldn't you be allowed to have that as a passion? You worked hard at recovery to get a full life, not a life were those things are out of bounds! A part of recovery is knowing your triggers and relapse signs, as long as you are aware of those then why the hell not find a passion that involves working out!
And if your recovery has left you still on a meal plan, maybe a bit stuck but not quite going backwards then that's ok too, you are probably not alone in that place and you have still come a long way and fought flipping hard.
And if your recovery means not giving a crap about what anyone else thinks then amazing, you are probably not alone in that either!
If you're recovery is a string of relapses and another try at recovery then thats ok too, maybe this will be the one? Don't give up!

We are all different, we all strive for a different life after an Eating Disorder, we all want different things, and that's ok! Yes there might be people out there that do recover from one ED and fall straight into a different one like Orthorexia ect but that doesn't mean that everyone does. It doesn't mean that everyone is using these things as another obsession.

I am going to get A LOT of hate for this post but it is something that has been bugging me for a while now and I would hate for there to be girls out there that see all of this judgment on them and feel like they are doing recovery wrong. 

There is no right or wrong, there is only whats best and what works for you. Lets all stop judging others, we all give ourselves enough of a hard time without other people looking down on us too.

Recovery is possible, and that is being preached from a healthy BMI.
nb. I think BMI is a load of rubbish but you get the jist.